Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tips If Fire Happens

If there is a fire, we only have a short time to think and try to escape or extinguish fires. This is very useful tips to deal with if there is a fire that we do not really want around us.

The following tips in case of fire in the house or building we live in:

* Stay calm in the face of fire.

* If a small fire and can still be overcome, quickly put out with extinguishers available as fire extinguishers or with Lightweight soaked gunny sack of water.

* If a fire caused by electrical short circuit electrical switch immediately at home or building.

* Close the room that there is a fire in order not to spread to other rooms but not locked, to make it easier if you will extinguish the flames.

* If a large fire, get out of the house and invite all families to leave the house immediately. Do not busy yourself to collect the goods in the house.

* Walk quietly, do not run, full attention and do not panic.

* If you find heavy smoke street or a room, do not avoid inhaling the smoke, for example by way of crawling and breathing with the face close to the floor, use a damp cloth masks, this will help to breathe.

* If you are through the closed door, check the temperature carefully placed leaves the back door with the palm of your hand. Then check the door handle. If the heat moved via other channels.

* If you need to do in case of evacuation drills wag to the rescue efforts can go faster.

* Immediately call the fire department if the fire you can not control themselves.

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