Thursday, December 22, 2011

Overcoming Bored with Color Space

If you are experiencing feelings of bored and tired at home, when should the house be a place to rest and eliminate boredom and stress after the previous work week. So you can try to change the look of the room or break room with a nice color and far from feeling bored at home.

In every color in the room or at home will cause changes in feelings of people in the house. Well, if you want to create a sense of comfort at home should you choose colors that are not too bright or not too strong because it will make the eyes tired.

Color that will make comfortable among others, blue, gray, beige and white. Use these colors for the interior of your home, of course balanced by giving a little bright accent colors to stimulate a feeling cheerful and happy.

You can also use the natural green color that creates the atmosphere calm. But should not use excessive green color because it would cause an excessive sense of calm so that the resulting feeling lazy.

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