Thursday, December 22, 2011

Overcome Early Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is not a permanent condition that can not be overcome. Some well-known sex therapist recommends three techniques to slow the occurrence of orgasm.

1. Kegel gymnastics
Initially, this exercise is only for women to tighten the muscles of the sex organs / vagina. But, it turns out, the same benefits obtained if he practiced. How to: When will urinate, urine will hold out for half a minute. Then, remove. Perform this activity to three arrests during micturition. Practice this technique while having sex with a partner. If the routine is, then the achievement will take longer to ejaculate.

2. Stop and start technique.
This method is a little complicated, because he must aware of the signs of ejaculation. But the effect is quite satisfactory. Ways: when you feel will achieve ejaculation, unpenetrate Mr. P, and press the head of Mr. P with the thumb to the left, do slowly. After the flow of sperm was suspended, continue back to sexual activity.
3. Reducing the level of sexual arousal.
This method is rarely used, the article you need to think not having sex. In other words you must discard the idea of sex, and fantasizing about something that could turn sexual pleasure.

The third tip is a tip that tegolong difficult to do, than the two previous tips. But do not forget, that the most effective therapy for people who have sexual problems is communication and openness to the couple ...

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