Thursday, December 22, 2011

Talking Sex On Children

Sex knowledge to children today tend to be outside the expectations of parents. They understand more deeply about sex more, compared with the period of our childhood in the past. The reason is the environmental factor. This condition can cause a child falling into undesirable.

To anticipate the things that can endanger the child's parents must be willing to accompany the child, communicate and provide understanding to the child about sex. We have many parents who feel hesitant to talk about sex to their children.

Well, here are tips to serve as a guide for parents in talking to the child's sex:

* Recommend to the child sex from an early age. No need to wait for teens or adults.
* Instill religious values to your child.
* Use your real name, for the parts private.
* Try to be honest and open to the children. Let the kids also talk openly with parents.
* Communicate with children in the style of language appropriate to their age.
* Give a good example to children.
* Respect the privacy of children, but parents still consider the child's behavior.
* If you can not answer the question the child, tell the truth and try to find answers together with the child.
* Follow the child's development, and oversee the process of change in your child. Parents provide information and understanding, if deemed necessary.

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