Thursday, December 22, 2011

Preventing and Overcoming Parasitic Worms

Apparently this wormy disease is easily transmitted from one person to another. To prevent worms, we need to know the cause of wormy disease.

Transmission of intestinal worms can be through food contaminated by dirty worm larvae. Worms can also spread through the floor or ground is contaminated, primarily by human waste. Worms enter through the skin pores, through the legs that do not use footwear and foot worm larvae or eggs. Then enter the venous blood vessels, leading to the lungs. Intestinal wall biting worms, lay eggs and live in the intestines, and eat food that is digested in the gut. The result should be required nutrients consumed by the worm's body, then the child becomes malnourished, lack of endurance, lack of protein, weight loss and of course susceptible to the disease.

Characteristics of the affected children include belly worms, itching around the anus, the worm in the dirt, anemia or anemia, intestinal obstruction, when it's too long to be thin body.

Tips to prevent the worms are:

* Keep your own personal hygiene, especially the nails and hands. Always wash your hands before eating.
* Always keep the environment clean.
* Keep food hygiene, if it came to buying food, make sure that the food we buy clean in the processing and presentation of food.
* When children play, always use footwear such as shoes or slippers. This is to reduce direct contact with worm eggs.
* Wash feet with soap after playing in dirty places.
* Take medications regularly worm, for example, three or six months in accordance with doctor's prescription.

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