Thursday, December 22, 2011

Treat Your Suits and Pants

As a personal success, way of dressing has always been a role model in the office and your business associates. How it feels when you do presentation to the client where you wear a white shirt stained yellow and double pressing lining along the sleeves, black pants plus a scorching glossy, complete with tie-up for never hanging neatly. All this will reduce your value as a successful person.

Here are some tips on caring for your clothes:

1. First Aid At Immaculate Apparel
If you eat foods that contain gravy, and spattering the food sauce on your white shirt, do not panic. Take immediate white toothpaste, apply on the stain, then wash in the normal way. This method can only be done on the white cloth only. The sooner, the easier you remove the stain. After 24 hours, will be a permanent stain on the fabric fibers. Moreover, if the stain is not gone and already the heat of an iron bar. These stains will actually become permanent.

2. Eliminating Wrinkles In Suits, and Long Pants Wool
When you're traveling and staying in a hotel, you must attend the banquet, it suits you suits many wrinkles. No need to be confused, hanging coats and wool pants you in the bathroom. Pants hanging upside down (feet above and the waist below). Then turn on your hot water for baths. The resulting steam will remove wrinkles in your suit.

3. Sleek Signs On Long Black Pants
Pants or light on dark fabric caused by the heat from the iron overload. For black dye, it is better to use steam iron and a special iron table that can suck the steam iron that does not cause the surface of shiny pants.

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