Thursday, December 22, 2011

Being The Man Women Adore

1. Past
Someone's past story was difficult to release. But, remembering our couple's bleak past story, it's painful, and may hurt her. Moreover, your past is not necessarily better. Therefore, give the impression in the hearts that thinking about the past is not good, it is better to tell the couple that he is the most noble woman in your life.

2. No Dishonest
Do not ever think about dishonest if you do not want to swallow the bitter pill. You certainly do not want to happen if the relationship with the spouse becomes bland, or even stopped. Although women sometimes forgive, but that does not mean any event which cut vanished.

3. No Stingy
Almost every woman has the pleasure of a thing. But often, women are not willing to "sacrifice" the money that she earned along her partner have more material and generous. Women will fall tastes when her partner began to be calculated, or get frowned as he looked at the billing statement, even angry. Don't let your partner called you "Mr.Stingy".

4. Mr. Perfect
You can appropriate get Mr. Perfect predicate if you like talking about the lack of others, discussing a problem and come talk about the broken family members or talking about co-workers who get reprimand from the boss with sarcasm. Because such an attitude will lead the people or your partners feel antipathy to you.

5. Tecnology Update
Men are active, creative and tecnology update able to make a woman was stunned. Being a male partner who is considered the storehouse of knowledge, where women can ask anything and get a solution. And the only man who understands the meaning of smart, a man who never stop learning and always follow the new trend.

6. Excessive In Social Relationship
Event gathered with friends is great fun and it's a natural course. But be reasonable if done too often and forget the time. Try not to lose the special and important moment with your partner just because too often hanging out with your friends.

7. Similar Taste
Performance differences, from the model or color of dress and shoes, to cuts and hair styles that are not aligned, women often lose appetite. At one time or opportunity that beautiful, it helps to open communication and compromise about the different tastes sharp appearance to be more consistent.

8. Calculated time
Although the killers of time reading books ready to read or a willing partner with, business is still waiting sucks. Then calculated the travel time, especially the traffic situation unpredictable. However, taking into account also for not just run the vehicle in a hurry on the road, just to reach their destination on time.

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