Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tips For Beautiful Legs

Fashion trends miniskirts and shorts are still popular, especially in the summer. Are you ready to look super sexy with smooth legs and beautiful?

In fact, the foot is one of the members of the body that work the hardest, and often we forget to take care of that leg looked dull and cracked. Here are some tips to get beautiful legs in a short time.

1. Scrub Up
Choose a soft-textured scrub to lift the skin cells to die completely. provide extra massage on the knee and ankle are thick and rough inclined. Your legs look moist and not cracked, use a scrub with moisturizing ingredients in it.

2. Get a Bare Skin
Shave the legs using a razor blade; choose a razor that has three or four blades at once for faster cleaning fur. Shearing should be done after a shower, because when the body is still moist, the hair will be easier leg shaved and the results were soft. Recommended the use shaving cream. If you are strong pain, choose to remove the hair waxing legs. Waxing legs can be cleaned up to the roots, so they can last longer.

3. Get Perfect End
For the women, cellulite and stretch marks on the legs is the main enemy. Today was a lot of cosmetic products that function to reduce the incidence of cellulite and stretch marks. To cover it up, you can apply lotion containing caffeine such as coffee or tea. If there are stains on your feet, you may be putting a little Liquid Body Fondation to disguise it.

4. Get Pretty Toes
Usually we know as a Pedicure. Starting with foot baths, tidying and cleaning the nail cuticles, foot scrub rough heels with a pumice stone, to put nail polish.

5. No Smelly Feet
To avoid sweaty feet, you can rub your feet with a liquid alcohol and talc powder each day. Avoid shoes made from synthetic because the pores of the feet becomes difficult to breathe. Leather shoes can reduce unpleasant smells.

Now it is time issued a collection of short skirts and shorts of your wardrobe. Be prepared to show your views with beautiful feet.

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