Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eyes vs Computer

Jobs often makes us forget to rest our eyes. As a result, the eyes were tired and tense. Moreover, the work dealing with computers, somewhat increased risk of eye strain. Here are some tips to overcome:

1. Create rarely comfortable for your posture and hand position on the computer keyboard.

2. Put the work document at equal distance with the monitor, so let the eyes do not focus on changing.

3. Give the distance between the eye and computer screens that have been protected anti-radiation filters.

4. Put the same level between eyes with the top of the computer screen (monitor).

5. Make the size of any dark or light on the monitor as comfortable as possible for our vision.

6. When dealing with computers, occasionally switch to another view.

7. Rest your eyes for five to ten minutes every hour or doing something unrelated to computers work.

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