Friday, December 23, 2011

Broccoli for Heart

We all already know the health benefits of broccoli for heart. Recently, scientists from the UK managed to reveal the mechanism, how the benefits of broccoli for the heart.

Researchers in London, England found the chemical in broccoli and other green vegetables, which effectively increase the natural defense mechanisms to protect the heart arteries of blockages, which can cause heart attacks.

In that study, known compound sulforaphane, the protective proteins can activate a previously inactive to protect the arteries from clogging.

So far, we already know, if the vegetables good for the body, but so far we do not know, how the molecular mechanism

The occurrence of clogged arteries are not the same in every person, but branching and node on the blood vessels can make the blood flow slows down, so more risk of plaque, causing heart disease.

In areas vulnerable blood vessels, a protein that actually served to protect or called Nrf2, not active. The results of this study show that sulforaphane can activate Nrf2.

In this research, the researchers use a pure chemical compound sulforaphane, instead of broccoli. Furthermore, researchers will find out the impact of chemicals in vegetables.

Furthermore, this research will test and compare, between pure sulforaphane found in broccoli. When sulforaphane from vegetables is less effective, is likely to be made 'supplements' of the results of this test.

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