Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"Getting on the Balcony" Concept

Getting on the Balcony is a popular concept of leadership has ever seen. This concept want to describe a metaphor when we are at a dance party in a large ballroom with a balcony at the top of the room. From our point of view if we are on the dance floor, most of our attention will be focused on couples who are dancing and how we do not collide with another dance partner. Conversely, if we are on the balcony and look towards the dance floor, we'll see the different point of view and patterns.

Pattern view perspective from the balcony is to illustrate that a leader occasionally must leave the "dance floor", in order to get out of the "crowd", to be able to understand what is happening in the organization. When the position in "balcony", a leader could see what was going on "downstairs" and had to get back among the "crowd" in order to intervene directly related to what he saw during his stay on the "balcony".

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