Friday, December 23, 2011

Summer in Budapest

Budapest, capital of Hungary, is a unique city. Since the split in two by the river Danube, the city is separated between the regions 'Buda' and 'Pest'. There are six bridges that crossed over the Danube river to connect the two, such as a chain bridge oldest bridge, the bridge Elizabeth, and Margit bridge.

For the inhabitants of the city of Budapest, summer is the time to have fun. Many people go to the lake to spend the weekend with family. The women around town dressed completely open to enjoy the sun. In the summer, too many music concerts held in the open field, both kinds of music for young people and parents.

Because the majority of the people of Hungary embraced the Catholic religion, then the country has dozens of ancient churches. One very large and magnificent is St Stephen's Basilica. Top of high towers reaching 80 feet and the ceiling of the dome was filled with paintings bowler. This church was the architect József Hild. Since established in 1851, the Basilica of St.. Stephen had suffered damage from the earthquake that occurred in 1868, but soon corrected shortly afterwards.

The church is even greater in the region have Eztergom, capital of Hungary before Budapest. The church is bordered by Slovakia regions separated by the river Danube. And of course, there is a bridge between the two countries are adjacent.

In addition to the ancient buildings, Budapest and the surrounding area has hot springs famous. No wonder the spa business in this area is very vivid. Therefore, since 1934 Budapest earned the nickname 'City of Spas'.

Hungarian food has a spicy taste and the use of paprika, black pepper, and onion. Some menus are usually available is the 'gulyas' (goulash of beef, onions and peppers), 'gulyasleves' (goulash soup), 'husleves' (meat soup), and 'halaszle' (Hungarian fish soup). For dessert there is 'dobos torta' (sponge cake covered with nuts and caramel).

For those of you who like to walk, you can visit Vaci Utca, pedestrian street with many shops clothing, shoes, cosmetics and souvenirs typical of Hungary. In addition, there are also Duna Plaza, Mammut, Europark, and the Grand Market Hall.

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