Friday, December 23, 2011

Strawberry Efficacy

Who does not like strawberries? It was sour, sweet, and fresh. Solid shape, rosy color, and certainly tempting tastes to bite.

Have a good strawberry fruit flesh is firm, not mushy, and not watery. Choose a red uniform, and if there is a green fruit is not ripe. This fruit should be stored in the refrigerator and put into a plastic hollow without being washed first, because the water will accelerate the damage to strawberry. You can still wash it just before eating it.

Strawberry fruit has many benefits. In addition to vitamin C and high fiber, strawberries also contain phytochemicals, ellagic acid compounds, phenol compounds acting as anti-carcinogenic and anti-mutagens that serves to prevent the emergence of cancer cells in the body.

In addition, strawberries also contain zinc which is higher than of other fruits. Zinc is the nutrient most associated with one's sex drive. For men, the fruit is sweet and sour taste of this can form the required testosterone in sperm production, while the body of a woman's sex drive will respond more quickly if it has a high Zinc levels. So, every time you will have sex with your partner, try to consume a handful of strawberries and feel the benefits.

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