Thursday, December 22, 2011

Minimalist Home Design

Work of architecture, whatever the concept, is the choice of architectural form as a result of culture. Minimalist, is the pattern of thinking, working, and a way of life. A new way of looking at design as a reflection of how urban life is very practical, lightweight, efficient, and management simplicity.

Minimalist house, comes with a character more clearly seen from the shape and geometric space, simpler, better or stronger, and stronger with rooms empty with little ornaments and furniture. Principally, the more simple, the design quality of the existing space, and the resolution of the structure must be getting better.
Use of bright colors like red, orange, and yellow in some areas of exposure, helped reinforce the minimalist home accents and became the focus of the environment.
House minimalist, emphasizing the form of a straightforward design, plain, simple, uncomplicated, compact, and space efficiency. Minimalist impression also appears in the attitude of the architect, the client's approval as a prospective owner of the house, to voluntarily reduce the variety of needs that are not important. Only essential part of the house functions are maintained, so that if the house is minimalist impression is the result of a process. The beauty of minimalist house, in an optimal place of the purity of the function itself.
Home furnishings following the basic geometric shape of the building, efficient and functional course. Structuring a thorough light and artfully as spotlights, light plant, hanging lamps, and garden lighting, can make the house look more artistic minimalist at night.
The concept of minimalism in the Western world tend to be more to the rational function, which emphasizes the function of space and material honesty of expression. The minimalist concept of the Eastern world, strongly influenced by the philosophy of Zen-Buddhism that emphasizes simplicity, harmony, efficient, effective, and symbolizes the emptiness and silence or spiritual values, so that each space created more clear, plain, and clear, so the space can be lived as the greatness of the Creator, and becomes a natural minimalist.
Setup requires a minimalist home is harmonious overall look, a combination of hard materials such as concrete, stone, coral, gravel, and sand as the physical structure of buildings and plants, exotic colors, as well as supporting elements such as lights, pond, benches, statues, and furniture . Minimalist, identical with the harmony of materials, shapes, colors, and textures with which to convey the impression, warm, intimate, romantic, natural, or futuristic. Games color with a monochromatic theme, such as one-two gradations of primary colors, creating unity between the house and the garden.
Minimalist houses will continue to evolve as the creativity of architects, design innovation, supported by technological sophistication, which comes with a fresh breakthrough, the more perfect detail, and increasingly affordable prices, because the concept of minimalist design emphasis bertujuanpada actually functional, essential, and affordable.
The building was designed and built energy efficient or to minimize electricity for lighting and air conditioning during the day, according to the tropical climate. Creativity and optimal use of materials, and technologies that have been tested locally will save implementation costs and maintenance. Cultivate design efficient use of water, green land and maximize water absorption as well. Design and construction of wastewater sewage treatment, septic tanks, and waste collectively, integrated, and complete.
The house has an open system that comes with wide terraces that console or efficient in the use of the fan and AC, the distribution of voids to park in, the smooth circulation of air and light, door and window height and width, from ceiling to floor and floor height flat, transparent walls of glass material, glassblock, fiberglass, complete with ventilation, green roofs with skylights.

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