Thursday, December 22, 2011

Forbidden Phrases in Business While Meet The Clients

World of work and business is an arena of human togetherness that there are new people, such as new clients and new competitors in it. From the various experiences and some research has been done by experts, in order to successfully establish cooperation with new participants, there are a few things that are prohibited or phrases should be avoided to not say.

*. I Do not Know
Do not even say this sentence to answer clients' questions in connection with your business. If you do not know, try to find out. And if you have not found the answer, you better say: "That's a good question, I will discuss your questions with colleagues first."

*. Wait a minute, I Will Return Soon
If you say this sentence to find answers to client questions and then disappear, you will be deemed to be not fair to the client. You better say: "I take three to five minutes to find the information you need. Are you willing to wait until I get that information .....?"

*. You should be .....
The phrase: "You have to use our products impressed .....," forced and unethical. Better to use the phrase: "You need our product ....." or "We can help your problem with our product ....."

*. We Cannot Fulfill Your Request
Such sentences will make your clients frowned and thought about not continuing the business relationship with you. Moreover, the sentence gives the impression that you are submissive and do not intend to satisfy the client. You better say: "Although it is quite difficult thing, we will try to fulfill your request. For that we will discuss further with our team members the other."

Here it can be concluded that in the world of work and business, you must always be selective in choosing the words and phrases that will be revealed to clients. Because by making the slightest error, can create new client disappeared and this means you will receive a failure to capture the new relationships that are valuable. So, be careful!

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