Thursday, December 22, 2011

Choosing Lipstick

Use the right lipstick can increase self-confidence in women. Lipstick can provide fresh effects and "living" on the face. But first, first identify your skin condition, then adjust the color lipstick for maximum results. Well, which one lipstick that works for you?

Here are tips on choosing lipstick:

The skin tends to blackish:
• Choose colors that tend to be old lipstick, such as maroon, brown, and dark gold.

Brown skin:
• Select a color lipstick color medium, such as: light brown, fuchsia pink, and orange.

Olive skin:
• Choose a bright lipstick colors such as pink, young orange, red.

In order for sticking lipstick on the lips:
1. Apply a foundation or foundation on the lips.
2. Create a line lips with a lip liner darker than the lipstick color.
3. Apply lipstick with a brush to help evenly.
4. Squeeze your lips with a tissue clamp.

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