Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tips for Choosing Batik

There are a few tips on buying and choosing the highest quality batik. The following tips can be different for each person, depending on the assessment on each of the batik design are seen. Consideration in determining and selecting the quality of a batik products includes several factors, including:

1. Materials.
Batik products typically use a variety of materials or fabrics. Fabrics commonly used, is Cotton. Cotton Fabrics consist of various types, including: Blaco, Prima and Primis. Cotton Primis has more cotton blend, with the density of the yarn is more tightly so that the material is cool, comfortable and not easily tangled. Other materials used to make batik cloth is silk. Silk Batik has made a higher price, compared to batik of Cotton. In addition to Silk, presently, batik developed from several material like: Shirts, wood fiber, pineapple fiber, and so forth.

2. Manufacture.
The process of making batik, greatly affecting the quality of its products. The most expensive batik is made by way of written with a canting, with the base material of wax. This product is now very rare because the process is very long, expensive prices and have limited consumers. Other manufacturing processes is by Stamp, namely to do with stamping batik motifs on the cloth by using stamping equipment. The method is a trend in making batik is printing on fabric with modern machinery. Batik printing by some people is not categorized as a product of batik, but only fabric with batik motifs because the manufacturing process is not as batik-making in general is by using the wax but, generally, using textile dyeing technology.

3. Motif.
Lots of batik motifs developed by batik artists. Each motif has its own fans. Some well-known batik motifs derived from the Pekalongan, Semarang, Yogyakarta and Solo. Typically, batik motif from Pekalongan more varied and much-loved by the community.

4. Color.
Color selection will determine the quality of batik because it will see the difference between one product with another. Sometimes if there are similarities in motives, ways of making, and fabric, but with different colors will make batik products to be popular or even avoided by consumers. Customize your design motif with color, and so, batik you choose can be more exclusive.

5. Exclusive.
Batik products now are mostly mass produced. It is quite reasonable, because the consumer demands of a high quantity products at low prices. Exclusive batik motif, this time, become a scarce product and cause a higher in selling prices. Usually, these products using a silk fabric.

6. Durability.
In general, the durability of batik determined by the fabric and dyes are used, as well as the manufacturing and washing process. Actually, batik product is a durable product if it is rarely used, not washed with soap and not dried in hot temperatures. Many people do not understand this method, so that the batik products are bought only lasted less than one year.

7. Price.
If you want the batik products with highly quality and exclusive, of course, the price will be very expensive. If you find low price in batik products, can be ascertained that the quality also be standardized, because the mass-produced. So you will find many similar products on the market.

8. Service.
The services of a producer is also a determining factor in quality and price of batik products. If you buy batik in public places, you will receive service following the accepted ways at the public market. If you buy batik in the supermarket, of course, you will also get the standard service provided by a supermarket. And if you buy the batik products online, you will get a much better in services. Determine which service fits with your desire you would expect, of course, with consequences on the price of the product

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